Camila Cabello inspires love on new album, ‘Romance’

Camila Cabello’s second solo album is called “Romance,” but she might as well have just called it “Shawn.”

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Because after all the PDA that she and her boo, Shawn Mendes, have engaged in since their sexy “Señorita” duet became one of the biggest hits of 2019, all romantic roads clearly lead to the “In My Blood” singer-songwriter’s lips for the former Fifth Harmony member. Although these two young pop hotties definitely don’t need any help getting into makeout mode, here are five lovey-dovey moments on “Romance” which drops Friday, that will turn up the tongue-twisting.

“Living Proof”
This blissed-out bop — on which Cabello proves that she’s learned a thing or two from BFF Taylor Swift — finds the 22-year-old star gushing over the man who “paints me like a Van Gogh” with his touch. The way she works her upper register to ecstatic effect, those must be some magic fingers.

“Used to This”
The raspy sultriness of Cabello’s voice heats up the mood on “Romance” tracks such as this sensual slow jam, on which she confesses to digging “every tattoo on your skin.” Mendes, already well-tatted, picked up another one — “A” for his sister, Aaliyah — when he and Cabello went to get inked together recently.

“I always thought I was hard to love/ Till you made it seem so easy,” coos Cabello on this tender track, on which her man even worships her crooked teeth. Awwww.

After her breakout solo hit “Havana,” the Cuban-born Cabello again explores her Latin roots on this bump-and-grinder that is guaranteed to bring on body — and lip — contact.

“First Man”
Cabello dreams of walking down the aisle to marry “the first man that really loved me” on this piano ballad that closes “Romance” with the distinct feeling that she’s found the one.

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