Britt Baker Clarifies Out Of Context & Incomplete Quote About WWE’s Developmental System

A quote from a 2021 interview with The Washington Post made the rounds on Twitter of what AEW’s Britt Baker said regarding the way WWE runs its developmental system. 


The quote was not posted in the full context of what she said about WWE’s signing female talent. Her original quote read as the following: 

“I don’t think putting a bunch of models and athletes off the street in a warehouse and teaching them all to do the same thing the same way at the same time is going to create a successful roster. People learn differently and they have different strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes you have to find out what those are on your own.”

Baker took to Twitter to issue a statement on the matter:

“This quote is out of context and incomplete. It’s from 2021 when WWE stated they would stop signing indie wrestlers and focus on pro-athletes. I think most pro wrestlers would tell you how valuable the independent wrestling circuit was to their development, and multiple girls you listed all came from the indies. It wasn’t a dig at the PC; it was in support of independent wrestling.”

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