Bret Hart Comments on Cancer Battle, Orton Disses Super Bowl

Bret Hart Comments on His Battle With Cancer
Bret Hart recently sat down with Sportsnet for a frank interview, where he discussed his in ring career and his recent battle with prostate cancer.
“You know, it’s so critical for me to stress … that it’s just a blood test,” Hart said as he urged men to get screened for prostate cancer. You gotta go in and get a blood test. If you’re a man over 40, you need to go in. You don’t want to be like my brother, Smith, who’s a guy that didn’t worry about it and it’s too late now.” 

“If you’ve got prostate cancer, if you don’t catch it early, you could die from it. And if you catch it early, you can live a pretty normal life. I would say I’m pretty close to normal.” 
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Randy Orton Shoots on the Super Bowl

During an interview with NBC Washington, Randy Orton talked about how he believes that Wrestlemania is a bigger spectacle than the Super Bowl.
“Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of wrestling. Royal Rumble is getting in — winning the Royal Rumble is getting into the Super Bowl of wrestling. Screw the Super Bowl, we’re talking about Wrestlemania. Super Bowl ain’t got s–t on Wrestlemania.” 
He continued, “Wrestlemania is the biggest show on earth, the greatest show on earth, and I feel like everyone knows that. World-wide. I’m gonna main event that show, and it’s because I won the Royal Rumble. That’s why I’m here, to meet the fans and talk about that. Everyone congratulated me and they want me to beat John Cena, take the title, put the gold around my waist, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

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