Beth Phoenix On Serena Williams To WWE, Advice For New Talent & More

Beth Phoenix recently spoke with the folks from Planeta Wrestling for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On the women’s evolution in WWE and the growth of women’s wrestling in other promotions: “I think it is fantastic. I think it is sending a message now, that we are no longer going to look at the women as a side attraction,” Beth stated. “I think we’ve been working to send that message for a while now the last few years. This is a real exclamation point for the whole effort that everybody’s been putting in for decades, that now we are in a spot, in a place where it is time to look at women as an attraction equal to the men.”

On rumors of Serena Williams being contacted to work in WWE: “What is cool is that Serena: not only is she probably one of the world’s greatest female athletes of all time, she’s got a lot of charisma. It is hard to find somebody that is that perfect combination of athletic, skilled, charisma, and also has the grit to go on the road and go on the grind, to be away from your family for all of that time. I’d have to agree with Stephanie on that. I’m a tennis fan as well.”

On her basic advice to new talent: “Just go for it. Life is too short to second-guess yourself. Believe in yourself. There is no mold, make your own mold and go for it.”

Check out the complete Beth Phoenix interview below.

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