Bellator MMA – Kimbo vs. Shamrock live results & recap: Michael Chandler returns, featherweight title fight

By Paul Fontaine,

Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of Bellator MMA: Kimbo vs. Shamrock, kicking off on Spike TV at 9 PM EST. The main event is a fight that was supposed to happen nearly seven years ago when former UFC star Ken Shamrock battles mainstream star Kimbo Slice. This is the first MMA fight either man has had in years.

We’re live! Different kind of video package to open the show, certainly not the kind of music you usually hear for these things. Chandler/Campos video package opens things up. Chandler is mostly respectful, Campos a little more boisterous; claims it’s do or die for Chandler, since he’s lost 3 in a row. Chandler was born and raised in St. Louis and he wants to give his hometown fans a show. Looks like this fight will kick things off.

“Iron” Michael Chandler (12-3) vs Derek “The Stallion” Campos (15-4)

We get elaborate ring entrances. Campos is out to what sounds like Eminem. There’s a real cool Arch set (St. Louis) and a massive video wall. Campos’ video kicked off with a roaring stallion. Chandler out to P. Diddy’s “Coming Home” that was used for Mania a few years back, which transitions to an instrumental song I don’t recognize but it isn’t bad. 

Campos weighed in way under the 155 lb limit. Mike England is the ref. Chandler knocked Campos down a minute in and swarmed him with punches and elbows. He let him up 30 seconds later. Takedown by Chandler and dropped him on his head. Chandler took his back and got the rear naked choke for the tap. Very impressive and dominant performance from the former champ.

WINNER: MICHAEL CHANDLER (13-3) by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:17

Chandler called out Will Brooks after the right and put over his hometown crowd. Not much else to say. Looks like we’ve got the Featherweights up next.

Daniel Straus (23-6) vs Henry “OK” Corrales (12-0)

Video package to promo this. Corrales is a five time KOTC champion. Straus is very confident “I didn’t get where I am by losing to guys like Henry Corrales. I’m gonna submit his bitch ass”. Corrales: “I’m gonna knock his f’ing lights out. 

Not much to Corrales’ entrance. Straus got the lights out treatment and then a roaring line on the video wall. Mike England is reffing again. 

After all the heated talk, round starts off with your typical grinding performance by Straus with a couple early takedowns and clinches but no damage. Straus rocked him with a hard knee and followed up with a series of punches halfway through the round. Corrales looks almost out on his feet but not going down and firing back. Corrales seemed to shake it off by the 4 minute mark. Straus with another takedown late but doesn’t do much. Easy 10-9 Straus

Power strikes were 28-1 for Straus in round 1. First couple of minutes of the round were pretty even on the feet. Straus knocked Corrales down with a punch and went into back mount at 2:30. Rear naked choke and a body triangle followed. Straus transitioned to the top with a head and arm choke. Corrales defending well. Straus gets a guillotine as Corrales tries to get to his feet and gets the tap. Well, he called his shot.

WINNER: DANIEL STRAUS (24-6) by submission (guillotine choke) 

They showed a prelim fight from earlier featuring former UFC Fighter Justin Lawrence, results are below. Several well-known MMA personalities at cageside, including Fedor, Nick Diaz, Herschel Walker, Will Brooks, Douglas Lima and others. 

Jimmy Smith interviewed Caveman Rickels, who fights former UFC Fighter John Alessio on next week’s card from St. Louis. Called him a dinosaur and vowed to end his existence. 

Heavyweights are up next. In the video package, Dan Charles got pretty much all the mic time, with every third word bleeped, including a couple expletives getting past the censors. Should be fun. 

Bobby “The Dominator” Lashley (12-2) vs Dan “The Man” Charles (9-2)

No frills entrance for Charles. Sensing a bit of a pattern here. Charles looks like your typical pro wrestling jobber. Lashley gets a nice reaction coming out and the announcers put him over as a two time TNA World champion but don’t mention WWE. Interesting. Big John is the ref.

Lashley with the early takedown. Charles to his feet quickly. Lashley with another takedown. Takes his back, pulls him up and then back down with a suplex. Charles back to his feet but eats some hard knees to the body. Lashley with another power takedown but Charles right back up. Lashley landing a ton of knees and another takedown for him. Charles right back up. Another takedown with a partial suplex for Lashley. Charles back up but eats a bunch of punches to the head. 10-9 Lashley

 Lashley with a takedown early. Charles with a triangle but Lashley with a powerbomb to get out of it. Lashley takes his back. Charles up but taken right back down again. Lashley continuing to land punches to the head. Charles keeps getting up and then taken right back down and taking a lot of punishment. Fight could be stopped at any time. Charles turtled in the corner with a minute left and Lashley all over him. Ref finally stopped it. 


Lashley didn’t say much in his post match promo. He did say he loves St. Louis and that he used to live there. Didn’t ask for a title shot, although he probably should at this point. World title fight up next.

Bellator World Featherweight Title Fight:
Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire (23-2) vs Daniel Weichel (35-8)

Video package was mainly Scott Coker putting over Weichel. Weichel won a tournament to get  this shot so Coker looks at it like it’s champion vs champion. Both guys get animals on their video wall entrances  with Weichel getting a weasel and Freire obviously with the barking dogs. Pitbull goes old school with “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC for his entrance music. Big John is the ref once again.

They didn’t throw a punch for the first minute, just feeling each other out. Pitbull with the first nice shot 2:00 in, a punch to the head. Weichel backed him up with a nice punch/knee combo at 3:00. Weichel with a takedown at 3:30 but stands right up. Crowd booing the lack of action at the end of the round. 10-9 Weichel as he had a nice flurry at the end of the round that nearly finished Pitbull. 

Weichel all over him to start the round but Pitbull knocks him the F out with a punch out of nowhere. 

WINNER: PATRICIO PITBULL (24-2) via KO at 32 seconds of the 2nd

Pitbull’s message to Daniel Straus after the fight: “I’m here. You want my belt, I’m right here.” Awesome. Royce Gracie is cageside. Also Tito Ortiz. An hour and 5 minutes left in the broadcast and we’ve got a major announcement coming up next.

Instead of the major announcement, we get another prelim from earlier, featuring former UFC Fighter Adam Cella, losing to unbeaten prospect Kyle Kurtz. 

The major announcement is the title fight between Liam McGeary and Tito Ortiz. Tito promised to kick the Brit’s ass and bring the title back to America. He gets booed for that. Coker also announced the four man tournament that was published here earlier today. Coker really struggled through the announcement. 

Main Event:
Kimbo Slice (4-2) vs Ken Shamrock (28-15-2)

They aired a bunch of clips from the promo piece that was on this site. Road Warrior Animal out prior to the fight! WTF? I guess he was Ken’s partner for a few PPVs in WWE. He’s out with what I assume is his family and he’s got a woman singing his theme song. Spectacular entrance. Kimbo’s is slightly more lowkey. Big blocked KIMBO letters standing up on the stage behind him. Kimbo being booed for the most part. He’s got a Drake song for his entrance music.

Big John is the ref once again. They’re jawing at each other from across the cage. Kimbo with the Brian Ebersole “chest hair shaved into an arrow” gimmick. Shamrock with a trip takedown early but Kimbo right back up. They’re clinched up and basically dancing 1:00 in but Kimbo breaks free. Another takedown and Shamrock with back mount. Rear naked choke and it’s tight. Kimbo somehow breaks out and unloads with punches. Shamrock down and the ref stops it. 

WINNER: KIMBO SLICE (5-2) by knockout at 2:22

Kimbo thanks his lord and saviour Jesus Christ and wished his daughter a happy birthday. He said that tapping was not an option. Kimbo and Ken embraced. Shamrock frustrated that he lost his position on the submission and slowed down on the scramble out of  it. No talk from either guy of what might be next, which is probably telling. 

Thanks for joining me and I’ll be back next Friday night with Bellator 139!

Prelims (and postlims results):

– Bellator Bantamweight Fight: A.J. Siscoe (135.5) vs. Garrett Mueller (135.6)
Mueller by 2nd round sub (rear naked choke) 

– Bellator Featherweight Fight: Kain Royer (184.6) vs. Enrique Watson (185.8)
Watson by first round sub (rear naked choke) 

– Bellator 166 lb. Catchweight Fight: Rashard Lovelace (160.6) vs. Demagio Smith (164.8)
Lovelace by first round KO (leg kick) 

– Bellator Featherweight Fight: Justin Lawrence (145.7) vs. Sean Wilson (145.8)
Lawrence by first round KO. Lawrence fought for UFC with a 3 fight stint in RFA preceding this, his first fight in Bellator.  

– Bellator Welterweight Fight: Steve Mann (169.8) vs. Justin Guthrie (170.3)
Guthrie by 2nd round sub (D’Arce choke)

– Bellator Lightweight Fight: Garrett Gross (155.2) vs. Chris Heatherly (160)
Heatherly by UD. He’s a former UFC fighter who was making his Bellator debut.  

– Bellator Welterweight Fight: Adam Cella (170.3) vs. Kyle Kurtz (171)
Kurtz by 2nd round sub (armbar) Kurtz is now 4-0, all finishes. He’s one to keep an eye on.  

– Bellator Lightweight Fight: Eric Irvin (155.2) vs. Hugh Pulley (155.6)
Pulley by split decision 

– Bellator Strawweight Fight: Dan O’Connor (115.3) vs. Miles McDonald (115.3)
McDonald by 3rd round sub (rear naked choke) 

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