Back-To-Back Water Main Breaks In Belleville: Friday Update

BELLEVILLE, NJ — Belleville has seen back-to-back water main breaks this week, authorities reported Friday.

The Township of Belleville issued the following advisory at 2:48 p.m. on March 8:

“There is a water main break in the Mitchell Street area. You will experience little to no water pressure and brown water. Please run cold water only. Thank you for your patience during this emergency!”

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The township saw a separate water main break on Wednesday in the Division Avenue area. Residents were also left with water pressure issues, officials previously reported.

Find out what's happening in Belleville-Nutleywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Main breaks haven’t been the only causes of this week’s water frustrations in Belleville.

On Tuesday, officials announced that hydrant flushing in Newark may temporarily impact water in Belleville.

Belleville officials released the following statement about the flushing:

“The City of Newark is in the process of flushing their hydrants. If you are experiencing brown water, please run your cold water until the water is clear. Do not run hot water. The work should be finished in about two hours.”

“Newark water will be doing maintenance on their water lines on Hilton Street,” the Belleville Public Works Department reported in a Friday update, repeating a message that has become frustratingly common for local residents this week: “Residents around Franklin Avenue area may experience low water pressure/brown water. If you experience brown water, run the cold water only.”

Belleville purchases treated surface water from the Newark Water Department through four interconnections located on Passaic Avenue, Hilton Street, Joralemon Street, and Belleville Avenue.

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