Anderson/Gallows on Talk Is Jericho, Pro Wrestling Goes Acoustic

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their WWE debut, and now they’re talking all about it on TIJ. You’ll hear how it happened, and how New Japan Pro Wrestling took the news of their leaving (especially since Karl & Luke gave notice the same night as AJ Styles)! They’ve also got stories about the Bullet Club, traveling with AJ Styles, working for Tiger Hattori and Gedo, and life in Japan in general. Luke also remembers the time he nearly got stranded in Nigeria, his first WWE run, his infamous (and hated) “skullet,” the Festus gimmick, and who taught him how to make the Festus face! 
Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows on Talk Is Jericho – EP240
Pro Wrestling Goes Acoustic sent over some examples of their work. Enjoy!

You can see examples of all of our work over at



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