After Apartment Leans To One Side, 40 Families In Andhra Forced To Vacate Their Homes

In Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada the residents of a five-storeyed apartment complex-Bhaskara estate are literally on the road, with officials evacuating them from their flats. Reportedly, damage to the building’s three pillars lead the structure to lean on one side.

According to reports, experts JNTU inspected the building and said it was unsafe for living. Soon after the inspection, the building was evacuated by the municipal authorities and police.

The 40 families, fearing for their lives, rushed out. With no other solution in sight, they were forced to spend the night at their relatives’ and/or friends’ places. The building Bhaskara Estate was constructed in 2005 by Victory constructions.Click Here: brisbane lions guernsey 2019

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