AEW Dynamite live results: Trios title match

The AEW World Trios Championship is on the line on tonight's Dynamite. 

House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) will defend the Trios titles in a triple threat match against The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks), and Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia). 

The newly-branded International Championship is also up for grabs tonight, with Orange Cassidy defending the title against Jeff Jarrett. 

Jade Cargill is set to defend the TBS Championship on the show in an open challenge. 

Hangman Page, Evil Uno, and the returning Stu Grayson will face Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta in another trios bout. 

QTV will debut on Dynamite, with QT Marshall, and new TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs advertised. 

The Outcasts (Ruby Soho, Saraya, Toni Storm) will speak on the show. 

AEW World Champion MJF will return live on the program with his Re-Bar Mitzvah segment. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone and Taz, as they throw it down to Justin Roberts, who introduces the Bar Mitzvah Man himself, MJF to begin his celebration.

MJF’s Re-Bar Mitzvah Celebration

(This was an explosive opening segment with the future of AEW on full display, showing off the Pillars of AEW all wanting a shot at the AEW World Title.)

The AEW World Champion made his way to the ring with four ladies and laid a smooch on one of them before steamers fell and immediately told Canadian fans that Shawn was better than Bret. MJF talked about being part of the only religion that matters and how he lost his V card during his original bar mitzvah. Hava Nagila played and folks came running out from the back with a chair and hoisted MJF up as Taz sang along, which was great.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry interrupted and came to the ring, but before he could say a word, Sammy Guevara’s music hit and came to the ring. However, before Guevara could talk, out walked the fourth Pillar of AEW and Darby Allin came to the ring. I should point out; the furry hat MJF is wearing is right out of the Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity video. All three men in stereo asked for a title match. Perry brought up wrestling MJF at the first pandemic PPV, Double or Nothing and how MJF cheated to win. Perry talked about wrestling on Dark, Elevation and Rampage, while MJF gets to do whatever he wants. MJF does the same hokey BS every week when others bust their ass to get 60 seconds of TV time.

MJF said AEW revolves around him because he’s a star, but Guevara cut him off and said he’ll turn the re-bar mitzvah into a re-circumcision. Guevara talked about the odd jobs he worked at to get to where he’s at. Guevara said he was supposed to be the bump guy for Jericho, but he became TNT champion multiple times without the machine behind him. After sounding like a babyface for a few minutes, Guevara crapped on the fans and said he’ll be champion soon.

MJF talked about the locker room brawls Guevara has gotten into, but Allin immediately interrupted. Allin talked about the blessing in disguise dropping out of school and joining the Buddy Wayne academy, not changing who he is, he’ll have success or not. There won’t be a bidding war for Allin, as AEW has given him what he wants. Allin said he doesn’t go on social media and cry about not getting what he wants like MJF. If MJF doesn’t give Allin what he wants, he’ll beat his face in with his skateboard.

MJF has had enough, ripping his sunglasses off to show his black eyes from the Iron Man match. He talks about Guevara proposing to a new girl in seven months and says all of them are in Daddy Day Care. MJF said he’s the only pillar who can keep this place up. He’s beaten all of them in singles matches; they don’t deserve to sniff the AEW Title. MJF pie faced Perry, who clocked him with the microphone. Guevara & Allin started to brawl and MJF got knocked off the apron onto the table with the cake on it, as he bailed.

-Excalibur talked about Chris Jericho being honored with Chris Jericho Way on his childhood street in Manitoba.

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Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta defeated Hangman Adam Page, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson

(This was an excellent match to further the heel actions of the Blackpool Combat Club. It was a strong return for Grayson, who I really hope returns to AEW and becomes a regular tag team with Evil Uno again, as their tag team moves got a huge reaction. I know it’s in Canada, but I’ve always enjoyed them as a duo.)

Loud reaction for the returning Grayson, as it was Uno who wasted no time going after Yuta, who bull rushed Uno to the BCC corner to get a beating. Fast tags by Yuta, Moxley & Castagnoli, who isolated Uno by going after his leg. Yuta tried to trash talk, but it bit him, as Grayson made the tag and ran wild with a Meteora and spinning DDT on Castagnoli followed by a twisting moonsault for two. Yuta low bridged Grayson outside, as Castagnoli lit him up with uppercuts before a triple spike piledriver on the floor from the BCC as they went to commercial.

Grayson was isolated the entire break with Moxley most notable hitting a perfect piledriver in the ring for two. A charging pump knee clobbered Moxley, as Grayson finally made the tag to Page, who ran wild in his first action of the match. Fall away slam on Yuta, kip up and dive onto Castagnoli outside got the crowd pumped up. Uno made a blind tag, as Page hit a pop up powerbomb on Yuta and Uno hit a senton atomic. Moxley & Page went face to face and slugged it out, as Moxley took the ref, with Yuta clocking Page with the ring bell. Uno & Grayson realized the numbers are against them, as they charged the ring to brawl, but again, Yuta chop blocked Uno’s leg like last week.

Grayson put up quite the fight, clearing the ring post to a dive onto Castagnoli, as Uno hit a Paradigm Shift on Moxley. Uno & Grayson hit the double team Fatality on Moxley, but Yuta broke it up the last second. Grayson got a pop up roll up on Castagnoli, but Uno again was taken out by Yuta. Grayson suffered a pop up uppercut by Castagnoli into the rear naked choke by Moxley to win it, as Moxley transitioned into the bulldog choke. The BCC beat down Uno more until John Silver & Alex Reynolds hit the ring to chase off Moxley, Yuta & Castagnoli, who bailed through the crowd.

-Juice Robinson had a pre-recorded promo on why he laid out Ricky Starks last week. Robinson said Starks isn’t going to do a damn thing about what he did to his injured neck.


Jade Cargill (w/Leila Gray) defeated Nicole Matthews to retain the TBS Title

(Unfortunately the very talented Matthews was just another number in Cargill’s reign, as the bigger story was the debut of La Wera Loca Taya Valkyrie, who appears to be next in line for the TBS Champion.)

Matthews is a 17 year veteran who Excalibur talked about having wrestled in SHIMMER. Cargill hit a pump kick and Jaded to win it in 30 seconds to go to 54-0. Renee Paquette went to interview Cargill about wanting Canada’s best and Cargill backed Paquette in the corner saying isn’t she from Canada? Cargill kissed Paquette on the forehead before Taya Valkyrie made her entrance to a solid ovation. Valkyrie got right in the face of Cargill before leaving, letting Leila Gray get laid out with Jaded by Valkyrie. Referees and Mark Sterling hit the ring and held back Cargill.

-Tony Schiavone is backstage with Ricky Starks, who said it was relevant to be in Bullet Club in 2015. If it’s an issue with Starks that Robinson has, they can do it anytime anyplace.

-A hype video similar to last week showcasing the new Shazam movie mixed with clips from Orange Cassidy & Jeff Jarrett is shown ahead of their AEW International Title match up next.


-The debut edition of QTV is shown with QT Marshall acting like he’s Harvey from TMZ with some extras acting like reporters. Harley Cameron is the girl, as they cut to a video of Aaron Solo breaking into Wardlow’s car, smashing the window, stealing the TNT Title, as Marshall talked about Wardlow leaving his passport, so he can’t get into Canada. They compare Wardlow to a less successful Batista and cackle. We learn Hobbs will have an Open Challenge on Rampage for the TNT Title.

Orange Cassidy defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh) to defend the AEW International Title

(So much interference in this, but Jeff Jarrett continues to find the fountain of youth as he had quite the entertaining match with Cassidy here. I didn’t know what to think when Jarrett came into AEW, but he’s won me over, he’s been great in this run.)

Pre-match, Cassidy fist bumped a fan dressed as Shockmaster and swapped out the All-Atlantic Title with the new International Title to make the leveling up official. Jarrett did an early Fargo Strut, as Cassidy answered with his hands in the pocket offense, but Jarrett zoned in on the bad leg. The visual of Jeff Jarrett mocking Orange Cassidy’s little kicks in 2023 is incredible. Cassidy floated over in the corner and drove Jarrett repeatedly head first into the corner. Dutt ran distraction to allow Jarrett to knock Cassidy to the floor and they fought into the crowd during picture in picture.

Back at ringside, Singh tossed Cassidy into the ring like he was luggage, as Jarrett continued his attack on the leg. Jarrett faked a Figure Four and opted for a Sharpshooter to get some heat, as Cassidy reversed into a terrible looking Sharpshooter of his own. Dutt helped with the rope break as Jarrett slapped on a sleeper with Cassidy reversing again and Singh hung him up on the top rope with Dutt taking the ref yet again. Jarrett applied the Figure Four, but Cassidy fought free with punches.

After a slugfest ensued, Cassidy was sent into the referee for a bump, as Dutt slid the guitar into the ring. Referee Aubrey power walked to the ring and pulled the guitar away, as Cassidy got a school boy for two. Similar to last week, Aubrey & Jarrett got into it, as Singh pulled the guitar away from Cassidy, who did the Eddie Guerrero fake injury, as Aubrey tossed Singh & Dutt. Satellite DDT on Jarrett connected, as Cassidy kipped up on one leg. For some reason, Aubrey bailed, as referee Bryce was still holding his eye injured with Jarrett distracting him to allow Jay Lethal to lay out Cassidy with the Golden Globe. Cassidy kicked out at two, as Trent Beretta hit the ring to fight off Lethal. Jarrett almost hit The Stroke, but Cassidy avoided and hit the Orange Punch for the victory.


-The Acclaimed had a quick music video about being the people’s choice. Excalibur talks about them being homegrown talent, which leads us to the next segment, as he said these next ladies wouldn’t be fans of theirs.

The Outcasts came to the ring as Saraya, Ruby Soho & Toni Storm told the fans to shut their mouths. Soho said once upon a time, the grass was supposed to be greener in AEW until two bitches that aren’t house broken pissed all over the grass. Saraya said they’re going to show that AEW is their house, as without them, there wouldn’t be a women’s division. Similar to last week, they called the fans neck beards and fat. Storm said she put a smile on her face when she was the Interim Champion, but the fans didn’t respect her. They are the Outcasts and love going through all the rookies like Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale, Riho, Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter.

Right on cue, Hayter & Baker sprinted to the ring and put a beating on The Outcasts. Baker took off her belt and was about to whip Soho, but was jumped by Saraya & Storm. Baker was laid out with Destination Unknown while Storm hit Storm Zero on Hayter. Riho ran out with Nightingale & Blue as Riho had a pipe in hand to chase off The Outcasts. Hayter game a nod to Riho, while Baker was a little more reluctant.


-Matt Menard & Angelo Parker talk about The Acclaimed music video and Menard said it made his nipples hard with how entertaining it was. They told The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass to watch on Rampage to get a taste.

The House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King w/Julia Hart) defeated The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) w/Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler) and The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara) to defend the AEW Trios Titles

(This was an amazing, action packed main event with the hometown Winnipeg boys getting a lot of time to shine in this. So much took place in this match that when the finish happened, the crowd seemed to be caught off guard so there wasn’t a huge reaction. Post match, the faceoff with The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club with Hangman Page in the middle makes me really look forward to seeing where they are headed.)

The ovation for both Omega & Jericho respectively is go out of your way stuff to check out, as it was massive. Guevara & Garcia were launched and tossed like rag dolls by King until Jericho & Black made tags, only for Omega to quickly steal the tag from Black and the crowd exploded. Before they could touch, the House of Black attacked both and the match immediately broke down into commercial break. Jericho tried a chop battle against Brody King and I’ll let you guess who won that exchange. Jericho was isolated, but traded finisher attempts with Black, as Jericho connected with hit double arm under hook back breaker to give the J.A.S. a chance to pose as a trio.

Black fought off Garcia & Guevara until the numbers were too much and Black fell into a Nick Jackson tag. Nick showed off his athleticism with the slingshot face buster on Black, tried a moonsault outside on Matthews, who caught him and lawn darted into a Black pump knee. Nick fought out of the House of Black corner and made the Omega hot tag, who dished out Polish hammers and Snap Dragons. You Can’t Escape connected on Matthews followed by a snap hurricanrana with Matthews rolling right into a Jericho tag. House of Black tried to stop the face off again, but were sent outside to lead to the Jericho & Omega showdown. A slugfest momentarily led to high impact moves from literally everyone until Omega hit a Snap Dragon on Matthews. V-Trigger attempt was cut off by a Walls of Jericho, as The Bucks broke it up with a gnarly Superkick Party which was broke up by a King double clothesline that turned them inside out. During picture in picture, Jericho & Omega had a long forearm battle into a double clothesline for the reset.

Both Jericho & Omega rose to their feet and started swinging for the fences until Omega dodged the corner springboard dropkick. Omega connected with the Terminator Dive, as The Bucks wiped out the House of Black with dueling dives. Garcia & Guevara cut off the Bucks as Garcia hit a huge superplex on Nick, while Guevara connected with a Spanish Fly on Matt. King teased a dive off the top, but Omega & Jericho cut him off with a double superplex, which the fans ate up. Jericho responded with a Code Breaker on Omega for two. We cut backstage to see the Blackpool Combat Club & Dark Order brawling backstage and Excalibur told us Evil Uno was taken to the hospital. That seems super random, but will come into play later.

Omega got the knees up to avoid a Lionsault, as Matt hit Garcia with Locomotion Northern Lights, as did Guevara. The Bucks tried a Meltzer Driver, but Jericho laid out Nick with a Code Breaker in mid air. Picture perfect Shooting Star Press by Guevara on Matt, but King broke it up. King squashed Garcia & Guevara with corner cannonballs as King tossed Guevara to Jericho, as House of Black wanted the hometown boy. Jericho tried to fight them off, but was spiked with Dante’s Inferno, as Omega broke it up. Jericho got a bat shot on King with referee Aubrey’s attention turned. Guevara wiped out The Elite with a Shooting Star to the floor, as King kicked out at two. Jericho wound up for a Judas Effect, but ate a roundhouse kick by Black. Jericho fell into a Garcia tag and he was planted with Dante’s Inferno to eat the pin.

Post match, Jake Hager hit the ring, but was beaten down by the House of Black. The Blackpool Combat Club and Dark Order brawled out from backstage with Silver & Reynolds being taken out. Hangman Page found himself in the ring alone against Moxley, Castagnoli & Yuta when The Elite jumped in behind him for backup. Page didn’t realize this as the crowd cheered loudly and the BCC retreated. The final shot was Page slowly turning back to see Omega & The Bucks, but we never saw his reaction.

AEW Rampage 3/17/23

· Powerhouse Hobbs defends his TNT Title against Rey Fenix

· Taya Valkyrie makes her AEW in ring debut

· Matt Menard & Angelo Parker take on The Bollywood Boyz

AEW Dynamite 3/22/23

· HOOK vs. Stokely Hathaway in a No Disqualification Match

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