AEW Dynamite live results: MJF vs. Daniel Garcia World title match

MJF will defend the AEW World Championship on tonight's Dynamite. 

After Daniel Garcia issued a challenge on last Friday's Rampage, MJF quickly answered the callout and puts the World title on the line against Garcia on tonight's episode in Portland, Oregon. 

ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe will defend his title against Keith Lee after a backstage confrontation between the two on Saturday's AEW Collision episode. 

Before he challenges for the AEW World title on next Saturday's Full Gear pay-per-view, Jay White will battle Mark Briscoe tonight. 

Sting & Darby Allin will be in tag team action on tonight's episode against The Outrunners. 

Red Velvet will make her return to the ring for the first time since February on tonight's episode as she takes on Julia Hart of the House of Black. 

Prior to facing Hangman Page at Full Gear, Swerve Strickland will step into the ring with Penta El Zero Miedo on Dynamite. 

Full Gear opponents Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm will have a sit-down interview with Tony Schiavone on tonight's episode. Shida defends the Women's World title against Storm next Saturday at the pay-per-view. 


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Tony Schiavone backstage introducing World Champion MJF, asking him about Jay White pinning him last week. MJF said it’s not going to happen again when he gets a video chat from Adam Cole, who is shown on the TV screen. Cole said he’s worried about Max at Full Gear and if he wants to win against The Gunns, he needs to take Joe up on his offer. MJF refuses and said he has a plan, but has to handle Daniel Garcia first. Garcia, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker enter and MJF said it’s talent over tenure and questions whether he’s getting the professional wrestler or sports entertainer? Garcia said he’s getting the professional wrestler before walking off. Roderick Strong screams and rolls in with The Kingdom and tries to get MJF to make him his partner, but MJF refuses and storms off, much like last week. Cole cuts off his video, while Strong said it’s time to remind everyone who the hell he is.

Excalibur welcomes us alongside Tony Schiavone and Taz as we go right to the intros to our opening AEW World Title match.

MJF defeated Daniel Garcia (w/Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) to retain the AEW World Title

(While I wish this match would’ve gone longer, there’s quite a few matches on the card tonight, so this was a solid back and forth match for the time given. I really hope this is the start of a singles push for Garcia, which is weird saying that coming off a loss, but he’s been just a guy for a while now, he’s one of the best wrestlers they have, time for him to be pushed.)

MJF almost locked in an early submission, but a rope break by Garcia allowed MJF to mock the dance. Garcia out wrestled MJF and nearly did the dance, but Menard cut him off. MJF applauds the scrap and offers a hand, but gets the signature eye poke instead, leading to a hammerlock slam. MJF continued to work over the arm heading into commercial.

Garcia mounted a comeback with a release German suplex that sent MJF bouncing to the corner, allowing Garcia to do a one arm dance before planting MJF with a brainbuster. Garcia got a series of near falls before a piledriver couldn’t hit due to the injured arm, so Garcia settled for a Saito suplex. Garcia charged in the corner, but MJF escaped and hit a double stomp to the elbow and under hook shoulder breaker. A violent hammerlock cradle DDT got two, as Garcia scrambled out of Salt of the Earth and Heat Seeker. MJF hit the corner superkick, but missed a Panama Sunrise, leading to Garcia chopping out the legs of the champion. Garcia planted MJF with a one arm piledriver and got a close two before sinking in the Dragon Tamer. Garcia fell back and danced a bit allowing MJF to pull back on the injured arm and get Salt of the Earth locked in for the submission.

Post match, MJF offered a handshake, but as Garcia went for it, Menard & Parker pulled him back. MJF asked if Garcia will keep following them and got the crowd to chant for Garcia, but Menard & Parker stopped it again.


Sting & Darby Allin defeated The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum)

(A Sting squash match in 2023 was quite the sight to see, as this is a rare two match week for the Stinger, who now goes on to Collision for a six man tag with Allin & Adam Copeland against Lance Archer & The Righteous.)

Tony Schiavone let us know Jim Valley told him this was the first time Sting has wrestled in Oregon since 1989. Floyd & Magnum got the upper hand on Allin in the early going, with loud chants of We Want Sting from the crowd. Floyd took too long to deliver a suplex, as Allin tagged Sting while upside down and Sting saved his partner. Magnum pulled Allin to the floor, as Sting no sold a double back elbow as The Outrunners posed. Dueling Stinger & Coffin Splashes connected before Sting sank in the Scorpion Death Lock on Floyd for the submission.

-Tony Schiavone was backstage earlier today with Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm with the screen black and white, as Schiavone said not to adjust our TV screens. Shida questioned what happened to Storm, who said she’s still upset about what happened at All In and will become the first 3 time Women’s champion and Shida will never have the spotlight. Storm signed the contract, as did Shida, who said what will happen is what will always happen, she’ll beat Storm at Full Gear. Storm said chin up, tits out and watch for the shoe, which Shida smacked out of her hand.

Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana) defeated Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes)

(The match itself was absolutely fantastic, these two have great chemistry with one another and the crowd was into the match from the start. I still can’t believe it took this long for Hangman to get his hands on Strickland, but at least he did this week.)

Excalibur informed us that due to Strickland & Nana breaking into Hangman Adam Page’s home two weeks ago, Page is banned from ringside during this match. I have zero idea how that makes any sense at all, while Strickland never got punished by his breaking and entering, but here we are. Both Strickland & Penta showed their athleticism early in a back and forth, which Strickland got the upper hand on with a head scissors and leaping uppercut to the back. Penta started a chop exchange, so Strickland stomped on the hand to put a stop to that. Penta fought back with a backstabber that sent Strickland outside, but cut off a diving Penta. After side stepping Strickland, Penta hit a thrust kick and finally connected on a somersault dive into commercial.

We return to a slugfest until both men countered Made in Penta & the JML Driver respectively before colliding with one another with a double clothesline. After a series of misdirects, Penta hit multiple Sling Blades before hitting his new fireman’s carry Jackhammer for two. Strickland was sent crashing outside, as Penta followed with a spectacular springboard Destroyer from the ring to the apron. Penta connected on a top rope double stomp, but Strickland kicked out at two.

Penta tried going for a float over in the corner and Strickland flipped the legs on the top buckle, crashing Penta down on his head. While hung up in the ropes, Strickland hit a slingshot double stomp to the floor before missing a 450 Splash back in the ring, with Penta trapping and snapping the arm back. Made in Japan connected for the closest two of the match, as both men missed home run shots before Penta punted the bad arm. Strickland countered Fear Factor again, this time into a powerbomb Death Valley Driver before getting payback by snapping the arm of Penta. Swerve Stomp connected and Strickland got the pinfall.

Post match, Strickland was about to take off Penta’s mask when Hangman Adam Page appeared with a chair and swung wildly. Strickland & Nana tried to bail, but only Nana got away, as Strickland was laid out with the chair, as were multiple security guards. Page connected on a Dead Eye off the stage through a table, screaming that Strickland is a dead man. Excalibur said Page had to be careful hitting security with a chair; it might cost him, which, again, I have to remind everyone, Strickland broke into a man’s home and wasn’t punished.

-Alex Marvez is backstage with Bullet Club Gold, who are back from their vacation. Jay White cut a promo and ran down MJF saying no matter what MJF does, White will always be better than he is.

-A video package for next week’s Street Fight is shown with Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi & Paul Wight vs. The Don Callis Family while video game footage of Like A Dragon was inserted into the history of the feud.


-Renee Paquette is backstage with The Golden Jets, Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho saying next week is the final Boss Battle. Once Jericho started talking he was immediately cut off by The Young Bucks. Matt Jackson makes fun of the Golden Jets name and brings up another name, The Elite. Jericho said The Bucks are supposed to be friends with Omega, but weren’t there when Powerhouse Hobbs beat him up. Jericho said if he recalls, it was all four of them who started AEW, but Matt said it was typical Jericho, taking credit and cashing a big check. Jericho reminded Matt who he’s talking to and said he still thinks Jericho & Omega could beat The Bucks. Matt & Nick issue a challenge for Full Gear, but Jericho said once they win at the PPV, the guaranteed Tag Team Title shot The Bucks have goes to Jericho & Omega. Matt said once The Bucks win, this Golden Jets thing is no more. Omega said he doesn’t want to wrestle The Bucks, but he’s done it before and won before with Ibushi & Hangman. Omega said if this is what has to be done to make the Bucks grown up and stop being spoiled, whiny, bitchy children, he’ll see them at Full Gear. Jericho said he’ll be glad to take The Bucks to the woodshed and beat their spoiled asses.

Samoa Joe defeated Keith Lee to retain the ROH TV Title

(Joe’s historic TV Title reign continued for a little longer, but while I was ready for a potential rematch since Lee didn’t officially tap, Joe gave up the title and has his eyes set on a much bigger prize, the AEW Title. While you could certainly say it’s a little weak for Joe to drop the title without losing, he shouldn’t be beaten if he’s going to be a World Title challenger, so I understand it.)

Both took turns colliding on shoulder tackles, with Joe getting an eye poke to lead to his, while Lee got a full head of steam to flatten Joe. Clubbing blows and overhand double chop by Lee, who wrenched away at the face of Joe in the rope as Meat Forever chants echo from the crowd. Joe turned the tide and lit up Lee with punches, but a leap frog, drop down and massive cross body by Lee sent Joe to the floor into commercial.

Back from break, Lee unleashed corner strikes, but Joe responded with a massive sit out knee breaker. Lee tried fighting back, but a dragon screw quickly floored him, allowing Joe to zone in. Joe’s combo of the Manhattan Drop and big boot connected, but Lee was ready to counter the senton and hit a release German suplex. Both men slugged it out before Lee planted a charging Joe with a pop up powerbomb for a close two. Lee wanted the Ground Zero, but Joe got free, locked in the Coquina Clutch as Lee passed out and the referee stopped the match.

Post match, Joe said he didn’t come to Oregon just to be the ROH TV Champion, he’s hungrier than that, so he relinquishes the title and said the next title that will be on his shoulder is the AEW World Championship, whether MJF likes it or not.

-Backstage Orange Cassidy & HOOK are standing by, as Cassidy said Jon Moxley is the only person he’s thought about ever since Moxley left him in a pool of his own blood at All Out. Cassidy apologizes for picking up the piece not of Rey Fenix, but of the International Title that Moxley dropped. Cassidy needs to beat Moxley in order to be the International Champion he knows he can be and will do just that at Full Gear.

The Gunns (w/Juice Robinson) defeated The Bollywood Boyz

Austin & Colten wasted zero time attacking at the bell and connected on 3:10 to Yuma in seconds to get the win.

The Gunns post match called MJF a liar who has been lying to fans for years, which isn’t something a generational talent does, as they ran down their resume and called themselves generational talents. Austin called MJF an embarrassment and said at Full Gear, the ROH Tag Titles go into the hands of a real tag team before hitting the Gunns Up line. MJF is shown watching backstage and Samoa Joe was standing behind him, smirking, as MJF stormed off.

-Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta are backstage and Moxley said he’d been getting calls to let Orange Cassidy off the hook, as Cassidy didn’t know what he was doing when he won back the International Title. Moxley questions the example he’d be setting for Yuta if he doesn’t beat the piss out of Cassidy? Moxley issues a challenge next week for himself & Yuta against Cassidy & HOOK. Yuta said HOOK has messed with the wrong crew and said he’ll see HOOK in Cali, so expect that match to be official soon, if not already, for Full Gear.


-A video package of Wardlow training is shown, saying the first three years in his AEW career, a foot was constantly on his back, holding him down, making him feel worthless. MJF won’t know where or when, but when MJF realizes it, it’ll be too late, as the days of the Devil ruling over AEW are coming to an end.

Julia Hart defeated Red Velvet

(Hart celebrates her 22nd birthday by ruining Velvet’s return to the ring in almost a year. The strange storyline of is she heel/isn’t she heel continues post match with Skye Blue. I assume she turns heel eventually and we get our next TBS Title match for Kris Statlander.)

Velvet fired off a series of arm drags and worked the arm of Hart to start, but Hart rolled through and both ladies did the splits into the stalemate. Hart tripped up Velvet, who quickly turned the tables with corner strikes and doing splits into a choke. Hart escaped corner punches, pulling the legs of Velvet out and crashing hard, allowing Hart to control during commercial.

Velvet mounted a comeback with a leg lariat followed by a wheelbarrow bulldog. A charging double knees to the back connected with Hart trapped in the ropes, as Velvet followed with a standing moonsault for two. Velvet ran into a corner back elbow, but flattened Hart with a variation of the Iconoclasm to get another near fall. Velvet was slow to follow up, allowing Hart to hit a thrust kick and massive moonsault for the victory.

Post match, Hart locked on Hartless before Skye Blue hit the ring and had a faceoff with Hart until Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale joined. Nightingale helped out Velvet, while Statlander stared down Hart, who just left.

-RJ City is backstage and said we may have heard rumblings and they’re true, he’s honored to introduce AEW’s newest signing, Mariah May, who walks in and said she’s so excited to be in AEW. RJ asks her plans and goals, as May said she’s a big fan of RJ City’s work with Toni Storm. May said Storm is the reason she’s in AEW, as RJ lets her know Storm just left, but next week, he’ll introduce her. May was ecstatic, kissed RJ and thanked him. I wish this would’ve been a much bigger introduction for May, but I refuse to be disappointed by more RJ City on my TV.


Switchblade Jay White (w/Bullet Club Gold) defeated Mark Briscoe

(In no way did I expect Briscoe to win here and get White’s main event spot at Full Gear after all this build, but the crowd absolutely bit for the false finishes and near falls Briscoe got during this really good battle. The allies MJF potentially had, while few already to begin with, appear to be dwindling even more and he might be forced to take Samoa Joe up on his offer after The Devil’s henchmen laid out The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass. It should be noted the masked men this time were much bigger in stature than the time we saw them beat up Jay White.)

A fast start by Briscoe, as White was forced to regroup outside with his buddies. White tried working a headlock, but Briscoe easily escaped and fired off chops, sending White outside again, where Briscoe hit a diving elbow off the apron. Robinsonn took the referee long enough for Colten to trip up Briscoe, allowing White to connect on a DDT. White faked a leg injury to let BC Gold swarm for the attack into picture in picture.

Back from break, Briscoe fought off a superplex and scored on a middle rope dropkick with the crowd loudly behind him. A stiff striking exchange took place with Briscoe wiping off the chops from White and unloading a series of his own. Briscoe was a house of fire as he planted White with a neckbreaker for two. Briscoe countered a uranage into a fisherman’s buster for another close near fall. White raked the eyes while on the apron and hit a dragon screw to go after the previously injured knee. Briscoe wasn’t behind for long, as a rolling Death Valley Driver and huge Froggy Bow connected for two. Briscoe went for a Jay Driller, but White spun out into a uranage into the double down.

Robinson screamed for and was blessed with a Kiwi Crusher, as White followed up chop blocking the leg out from Briscoe. White wanted a Blade Runner, but Briscoe spun out and hit an Exploder and massive lariat. Briscoe called for the finish, but White backdropped out of a Jay Driller and connected on a Sleeper Suplex followed by a brainbuster. Briscoe chopped his way out of Blade Runner, but couldn’t dodge another Sleeper Suplex, Straightjacket Brainbuster and Blade Runner that put Briscoe away.

Post match, MJF’s music hit, as BC Gold looked up to the ramp, but MJF appeared from behind them. Wearing the Dynamite Diamond Ring, MJF KO’d The Gunns & Robinson before squaring off with White, who bailed quickly. MJF said play time is almost over with Jay White dressing up as a top guy. MJF said he’ll go down the greatest AEW World Champion of all time, as White will have to kill him to beat him. For the first time in his life, MJF is fighting for everyone on the journey with him since day one. MJF isn’t just a scumbag, he’s the fans scumbag. Will White be the first man to pull the trigger at Full Gear?

The lights went out and we saw The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass being beaten up by four masked men backstage. Anthony Bowens was launched through a glass window before the camera cut to The Devil, then back to the ring, as MJF sprinted to the back, frustrated. Samoa Joe walked up and said it looks like the champ is running out of friends before laughing and walking off to end the show.

AEW Rampage 11/10/23

· FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) take on El Hijo del Vikingo & Komander

AEW Collision 11/11/23

· Rush & Dralistico vs. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry)

· Sting, Darby Allin & Adam Copeland vs. Lance Archer, Vincent & Dutch (w/Jake Roberts)

AEW Dynamite 11/15/23

· Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi & Paul Wight vs. The Don Callis Family in a Street Fight

· Orange Cassidy & HOOK take on Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta

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