AEW Blood & Guts match ran long, post-match promo was to air live

The Blood & Guts match on last week's Dynamite ran long and a post-match segment didn't air as planned. 

According to a report from's Justin Barrasso, the plan was for the match to end 10-minutes before Dynamite went off the air, allowing time for a promo from Kenny Omega to close the show. However, the performers ran low of time near the end and a spot involving Hangman Page had to be scrapped in addition to Omega's post-match comments. 

"A big moment for Page was scratched because of the lack of time, but all of the other key points were hit, with the notable exception being the postmatch interview from Omega," Barrasso wrote. 

While it didn't air on television, footage of Omega's post-match comments and the handshake between The Elite and BCC have been shared on social media. 

"If you guys want, I’ll shorten my career, I’ll shorten my life to keep this fight alive. But I’m willing to stick my hand out and shake yours if you guys will let bygones be bygones," Omega said.

"If you guys want to keep doing it, so help me God, I’ll keep doing it. But I’m gonna do it with a newfound respect for each and every one of you. I’m gonna stick my hand out, just this once, just this once, as a sign of respect because I respect the hell out of you guys," he continued.

Claudio Castagnoli spoke to Sports Illustrated following the match and stated that the handshake between The Elite and BCC "probably should have been on television." 

“We lost that battle, but we won the war. Thanks to the Blackpool Combat Club, now The Elite is better than ever. We brought them to a place they’ve never been, Castagnoli said. 

“The postmatch between the BCC and The Elite, with Kenny talking and we all shook hands, that probably should have been on television, but it shows that there is nothing like being there in person. There is nothing like being there live.”

Our own Dave Meltzer rated this year's Blood & Guts match four and three-quarter stars in the July 24, 2023 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. 

Wheeler Yuta also wrestled the double-cage match with a partially torn hamstring that he suffered on the 7/5 Dynamite in a match against Omega. It was also noted that Jon Moxley pitched the idea of using a bed of nails in the match. 

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