17 times sports made us incredibly proud to be Irish

IN CASE YOU didn’t realise and have somehow ended up in work wondering where everyone is, today is St. Patrick’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to look back at some of the moments when sportspeople and teams made you feel ridiculously proud to be Irish.

This is obviously not a definitive list — the two lads who blagged their way into the Super Bowl didn’t make it — but we felt 17 was a good number for the day that’s in it.

Let us know what else you’d include in the comments below but, in no particular order…

1. When Ray Houghton put the ball in the back of the England net

Source: Chimpanzeethat/YouTube

2. When Dave O’Leary kept his nerve as the nation held its breath

Source: jazzforall/YouTube

3. When Ireland beat the Italians in New York

Source: M/YouTube

4. When Steph Roche rubbed shoulders with the best in the world

Source: Ed Rice/YouTube

Click Here: women football kit5. When Ronan O’Gara dropped at goal with a Grand Slam at stake

Source: mountnugent1949/YouTube

6. When Ireland thrashed ‘the old enemy’ at Croke Park

Source: Paul Burns/YouTube

7. When the women’s rugby team won their first Grand Slam

Source: New Century Publishing/YouTube

8. When Ireland hosted the Special Olympics World Games

Source: Dr. Patrick Treacy/YouTube

9. When the cricket team announced themselves on the world stage

Source: Trevor Byers Cricket/YouTube

10. When Sonia O’Sullivan became champion of the world

11. When Eamon Coughlan told Dmitriy Dmitriyev ’watch me go’

Source: jimbojimjimbo/YouTube

12. When Barry McGuigan won a world title for all the people of Ireland

Source: fightfilms1/YouTube

13. When Katie Taylor took gold at the London Olympic Games

Source: KatieTaylorFan/YouTube

14. When Pádraig Harrington won his first Major title

Source: hynodesignsclassics/YouTube

15. When Rory McIlory ripped up the record books at the US Open

Source: ddaanniieelleeyy/YouTube

16. When Ken Doherty became World Snooker Champion

Source: Nuno Correia/YouTube

17. When we watched the world fall in love with Gaelic Games in 2014

Source: hockeyhurlingshinty5/YouTube

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